The Canon CP-1200 is a dye-sublimation printer. Dye-Sublimation is a technology that uses a matched color ribbon (donor) and photo paper (receiver). As the paper passes through the printer, the ribbon is heated to a gas state. The gas permeates the photo paper before returning to a solid state. The result is an image that looks just like a 35mm print and is typically as archival as 35mm prints. The CP-1200 prints a 4x6 inch image in less than 60 seconds. Prints cost only .38 cents each.

The CP-1200 has a built-in 2.7" LCD screen (for previewing images), a memory card slot (SD) and you can attach a USB cord for printing directly from a camera. The Canon CP-1200 can also print from a computer via USB.

The CP-1200 also features Wi-Fi printing capability. Print through your Wi-Fi network from your computer or smart phone/tablet (Canon has a free app for wireless printing from the iPhone).

The CP-1200 includes a starter print pack for 5 prints.

Canon CP-1200 Digital Photo Printer
Canon CP-1200 Digital Photo Printer
Canon Print Pack (for 36 prints)
USB Printer Cable