The new Canon G12 continues the long evolution of the G-Series cameras. In this case, Canon has not changed very much from the G11 to the G12. The camera body is virtually unchanged with the exception of a new "front dial" near the shutter button that makes changing certain settings a bit easier.

Video capability has been upgraded to 720p HD and Canon has added a new recreational shooting feature called HDR. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and it is useful for images where there is a mixture of bright and shadow areas. The camera takes three images, each at different exposures, and then merges the three photos to make a single image that has detail in the shadows and no "blown-out" highlights. This is purely a recreational feature and it is recommended to use a tripod when using HDR.

Shown below is the evolution of Canon's G cameras.

LCD Screen / other update
4 MP
1.8" flip & twist
4 MP
1.8" flip & twist
5.1 MP
1.8" flip & twist
7.0 MP
2.0" flip & twist
10 MP
2.5" fixed
12.1 MP
3.0" fixed
14.7 MP
3.0" fixed, hi-res.
G11 8/2009 10 MP 5x 2.8" flip & twist, hi-res
10 MP
2.8" flip & twist, hi-res / 720p HD video

Like the G11, the new G12 features a 10 megapixel sensor. By placing fewer sensors (pixels) on the capture chip, they were able to make each one larger and more sensitive to light. Since we are using a flash for each dental photo, this has little to no bearing on dental image quality but is welcome if you plan on using the camera outside the office.

Canon also
brought back the "flip and twist" LCD screen which had been so popular on previous G-Series cameras. This is a popular feature for the flexibility to shoot in any direction and still have the LCD screen facing you and the ability to protect the LCD when it is not being used.

The PhotoMed G12 Digital Dental Camera is specifically designed to allow you take all of the standard clinical views with "frame and focus" simplicity.The built-in color monitor allows you to precisely frame your subject. Focus and shoot. It's that easy.

Proper exposure and balanced even lighting are assured. By using the camera's built-in flash, the amount of light necessary for a proper exposure is guaranteed and PhotoMed's custom closeup lighting attachment redirects the light from the camera's flash to create a balanced, even lighting across the field.

Like previous G-Series models, the G12 features two custom settings (C1 & C2) on the mode dial. These custom settings allow you to set a lens position in the zoom range and the camera will set the lens to this position each time you turn the camera to one of the custom setttings.

For dentistry, this allows you to set two specific "magnifications" and repeatedly shoot the same field size over and over. For orthodontics, you can set one custom setting for the 1:2 magnification (anterior, occlusals and buccals) and the other for full face and profile shots.

The G12 Digital Dental Camera System works with all imaging software packages - Windows or Apple operating systems.

Do you already own a Canon G12 camera (or any of the G-Series cameras)?
The PhotoMed Closeup Attachment Kit is also available separately to adapt your camera.

Sample Images -
These sample images are unmodified and unretouched (other than resizing the 1/4 files). We want you to be able to evaluate actual images from each of our camera systems. Your browser may reduce the image size in order to fit the entire image on the screen. Use the "zoom" control in your browser to view the image at its actual resolution.

Note: these are the same samples as the G11 as the cameras are functionally and electonically identical for clinical photography.

What's Included in the Package?
The PhotoMed G12 system includes everything you need: Canon G12 camera, 2GB memory card, high quality macro lens, lighting attachment, memory card reader (for fast image transfer to the computer), hard case and Canon image organization software. The camera is completely assembled, all proper menu choices are set, the memory card is formatted and sample images are taken to ensure everything is working properly. The G12 camera system is ready to go out of the case.

The complete system also includes unlimited telephone/email technical support and loan equipment support if anything ever needs repair. Unlike other sources, we never charge for tech support or loan equipment (except shipping charges).

Our technical experts have answers to all your digital questions. Call for more information.

G12 System and Recommended Accessories
PhotoMed / Canon G12 Package
2GB SD Memory Card
4GB SD Memory Card
extra lithium-ion rechargeable battery for Canon G12

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