As of December 2006, the Polaroid Macro 5 SLR is officially discontinued and out of stock.

Update: Feb 2008 - Polaroid has announced that they are closing their instant film factories.
990 film will only be available while the current supply lasts. We will continue to offer 990 film until it is no longer available.

Update: April 2008 - It appears that we will not be receiving any further 990 shipments. 990 film has become very scarce and we do not anticipate receiving more. Polaroid Spectra film will also work in the Macro 5, but is also becoming scarce. Check with local grocery stores, drugstores and convenience stores as they commonly carried Spectra.

When you are unable to find any more Polaroid film, you may wish to look at our Canon G12 systems. TheG12 is as easy to use as the Macro 5 and we have compact 4"x6" digital printers that will give you much higher quality prints at roughly 1/3 the print cost of Polaroid film.



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