The ninth "version" of the popular Canon Rebel series is the first to feature an articulating LCD screen. The Canon Rebel T3i expands upon the Rebel T2i with the new screen and a new built-in wireless speedlight controller. The wireless speedlight controller allows the built-in flash to act as a transmitter and it can control wireless flashes like the Metz MS-1. Like the T2i, the Rebel T3i is an 18 megapixel digital camera with 1080p HD video capability.

Canon has thankfully increased the size of the camera's grip. The Rebels have always been small and people with larger hands found the grip a bit too small. Even though Canon only added a few millimeters to the depth of the grip, you can definitely feel the difference.

These images compare the articulating LCD screen of the Rebel T3i to the fixed screen of the T2i

The Rebel T3i gets a choice of frame rates for video - 24,25 or 30 frames per second in 1080p HD resolution. The frame rate also gets bumped for the lower 720p video - 50 or 60 frames per second. If you plan on shooting 1080p HD quality video, you will need a faster memory card. Canon states that HD video requires Class 6 memory cards. We stock 8GB Class 6 cards (see below). Video clips are limited to 4GB in size - this works out to be approximately 11 minutes in 1080p HD mode.

This table shows the evolution of the Canon Digital Rebel models:

Model Date Announced Resolution LCD Screen Live View? Video?
Rebel 8/2003 6.3MP 1.8" - 115,000 pixels No No
Rebel XT 2/2005 8.0MP 1.8" - 115,000 pixels No No
Rebel XTi 8/2006 10.1MP 2.5" - 230,000 pixels No No
Rebel XSi 1/2008 12.2MP 3.0" - 230,000 pixels Yes No
Rebel XS * 6/2008 10.1MP 2.5" - 230,000 pixels Yes No
Rebel T1i 3/2009 15.1MP 3.0" - 920,000 pixels Yes Yes - 1080p HD
20 fps
Rebel T2i 2/2010 18.0MP 3.0" - 1,040,000 pixels (3:2) Yes Yes - 1080P HD
24/25/30 fps
Rebel T3 * 2/2011 12.2MP 3.0" - 230,000 pixels (3:2) Yes Yes - 720p HD
25/30 fps
Rebel T3i 2/2011 18.0MP 3.0" - 1,040,000 pixels (3:2)
articulating LCD
Yes Yes - 1080P HD
24/25/30 fps
Rebel T4i 6/2012 18.0MP 3.0" - 1,040,000 pixels (3:2)
articulating touchscreen LCD
Yes Yes - 1080P HD
24/25/30 fps
Rebel T5i 4/2013 18.0MP 3.0" - 1,040,000 pixels (3:2)
articulating touchscreen LCD
Yes Yes - 1080P HD
24/25/30 fps
Rebel T5 * 2/2014 18.0MP 3.0" - 460,000 pixels (3:2) Yes Yes - 1080P HD
24/25/30 fps
* the Rebel XS and T3 are technically in a sub-class of the Rebel series and are included due to the Rebel name.

Live View continues to evolve and become more useful. Live View allows you to use the LCD screen as a viewfinder, although it is mainly designed for use in manual focus mode. With the addition of the articulating screen, Live View allows you to swivel the screen up or down and shoot at angles that would be almost impossible with the viewfinder.

Canon has upgraded autofocus capability while using Live View with three different autofocus options including a Face Detection autofocus mode. There may be uses for Live View outside the office, but we don't see it being used very often for clinical photography.

Canon Battery Grip for the Rebel T3i

One highly recommended accessory is Canon Rebel T3i Battery Grip. The Rebel T3i is smaller than their other cameras and may be a bit too small for larger hands. The optional Battery Grip adds an additional 1.5 inches to the height of the camera as well as offering three different ways to power the camera. The Battery Grip will accept either one or two rechargable lithium-ion batteries or (6) AA (alkaline or rechargable) batteries.

Macro Flash Options for the Canon Rebel T3i

Nissin's MF18 macro flash is the first of four flash options for E-TTL flash control on the T3i. The MF18 is very similar to the Canon MR-14EX macro flash in that it is also a dual tube flash that is shaped like a ring. Each side of the flash has two possible positions: in next to the lens or each side can expand slightly out to the side. (shown at top of page - image #3)

The Canon MR-14EX macro flash is the second flash option. The MR-14EX's flash head is shaped like a ring flash, but it is actually "split" into two arced tubes. This gives you the even illumination of a ring, but still allows you to vary the power from side to side. This affords you more creative control over the lighting. (shown above - image #1)

The third option is the Metz MS-1 wireless macro flash. The Rebel T3i is the first Rebel model that has a built-in wireless speedlight controller. To use the Rebel T3i with the Metz MS-1, you simply pop-up the built-in flash and camera controls the flash output for a proper exposure every time. This combination is lighter and more balanced than the other two flashes and there is no power pack on top of the camera or a cable from the camera to the flash.
(shown above - image #2)

The fourth option is the Canon 270EX II Wireless Macro System with R2-C Bracket (shown below). The package includes two Canon 270EX II flashes and the R2 bracket. The 60D's built-in wireless flash transmitter controls the Canon flashes for a perfect exposure.

Macro Lens Options for the Canon Rebel T3i

There are three lens options for the 60D: the Tokina 100mm macro lens (18oz.), the Canon EF 100mm macro lens (20.5oz.) and the Canon EF 100mm L macro lens (22oz.). All three lenses offer very similar optical quality while the Canon EF 100mm L macro lens adds Canon's Image Stabilization (IS) system. The IS system makes focusing easier - a sophisticated system measures movement and counteracts the movement by shifting lens elements. If you are taking a mirror shot and you have the mirror in one hand and the camera in the other, you will be amazed how much more stable the image is in the viewfinder. The 100mm L macro also features higher quality glass elements for the sharpest possible image. If you have any questions about which lens is best for your needs, please call us.

Click here to open a chart comparing the specs of the Canon & Nikon SLR cameras

What's Included in the Package?
Complete systems (camera, lens and flash) also include a 2GB memory card, USB memory card reader and a professional grade hard case. The case is designed to hold the camera completely assembled and well protected.

The complete camera system is pre-assembled and tested. It is shipped to you in a professional hard case with custom PhotoMed instructions for clinical use. The complete system also includes unlimited telephone/email technical support and loan equipment support if anything ever needs repair. Unlike other sources, we never charge for tech support or loan equipment (except shipping charges).

Accessories are too numerous to list here. PhotoMed carries everything you might need for your Rebel T3i: memory cards, memory card readers, recreational lenses, etc. Give us a call and we'll help you decide which accessories will work best for you.

Our technical experts have answers to all your digital questions. Call for more information.

Canon Rebel T3i System Pricing
There are three lens and four flash choices for your Canon Rebel T3i Systems - use the grid below to determine the price of your system. Please call or email us if you have any questions regarding lens and flash configuration.
T3i Systems
w/Tokina 100mm lens
w/Canon 100mm lens
wCanon L 100mm lens
w/Nissin MF18
macro flash
w/Metz MS-1
macro flash
macro flash
w/(2) Canon 270EX II
flashes and
R2-C Bracket
n/a* (see note below)

* This option is not recommended as the Tokina lens extends in/out as it is focused making it more difficult to use with the R2 bracket.

Canon Rebel T3i Options and Recommended Accessories
Listed below are popular accessories for the Canon Rebel T3i. Please call or email us if you have any questions regarding options or accessories.
**SPECIAL** Dr. McLaren DVD
Dental, Portrait, and Shade Analysis Photography: from A -Z

only $99 when purchased with a camera system - reg. $149
Canon Rebel T3i Battery Grip
AAA Rechargeable NiMH battery kit - quick charger and 4 AAA batteries
(recommended for use with Metz MS-1 macro flash)
AA Rechargeable NiMH battery kit - quick charger and 4 AA batteries
(recommended for use with Canon and Nissin macro flashes)
Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS II Zoom Lens (White Box packaging) Compare at $199
4GB SD Memory Card
8GB SD Memory Card
16GB SD Class 10 Memory Card - high speed SD memory card for HD video recording
extra lithium-ion rechargeable battery for Canon Rebel T3i
HDMI to Mini-HDMI 6' cable - attach Canon Rebel T3i camera to HD television


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