LED Dental’s VELscope allows quick and easy detection of mucosal diseases, but until now, it has been difficult (if not impossible) to get clear, sharp images through the VELscope.

The reason it is so difficult is the VELscope uses a very narrow section of the visible light spectrum and the amount of light reaching the camera is very small. In order to get images that are of clinical value, there is a very specific protocol that must be followed when taking the images and then the images are processed so that they show the areas of interest - with detail that is expected by medical journals.

PhotoMed has developed the VELscope Photography Package that allows you to use any SLR (single lens reflex) digital camera with a standard macro lens (you probably already have this type of lens on your clinical camera). Unfortunately, "point & shoot" cameras do not work well for VELscope photography. They do not have the ability to work in a high-ISO mode (high light sensitivity) without significant amounts of "noise" (digital equivalent to film grain) showing in the image.

The PhotoMed VELscope Photography System consists of three components:

1. a custom VELscope Coupler that allows you to easily mount the VELscope handpiece to the end of your macro lens.

2. a simple set of instructions that show you the settings necessary for your camera and the protocol to take the photos.

3. VELscope Image Software to process the images taken through the VELscope. Simply open your image and you see the effect of your adjustments in real time. Your settings can also be saved as presets for future images.

Update Oct. 2008: after many requests, we are now offering the Coupler separately. This allows you to attach the VELscope to a camera. Depending on your camera model, you may need step rings or an accessory lens tube. You will also need to determine the camera settings - the coupler does not come with instructions or support.

PhotoMed VELscope Photography Package
PhotoMed VELscope Photography Kit (to fit your SLR digital camera)
PhotoMed VELscope Coupler