Dental Photography: Portfolio Guidelines - Dr. Krzysztof Chmielewski
This practical atlas functions as a visual guide for using a camera in dental practice and achieving the essential photographic views. Individual views are detailed with recommended equipment setup, camera settings, necessary accessories, tips for the photographer, and instructions for the patient. The book is designed to function as a stand-up display, providing ease of use to the photographer when used chairside. Whether used as a refresher by an experienced dental photographer or as a guide for instructing staff members on dental photography protocols, this atlas is sure to become a mainstay in clinical practice.

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Dental Photography: Portfolio Guidelines

LIT - The Simple Protocol for Dental Photography in the Age of Social Media - Dr. Miguel Ortiz
This book is geared toward practitioners who want to master dental photography and use their photography to build their social media presence. Written for visual learners, this book breaks down the fundamentals of dental photography for clinical practice by outlining the concepts, equipment, and key protocols for taking predictable clinical photographs. That is where most photography books end, but this author also explores advanced techniques and demonstrates how to achieve some of the most characteristic looks in artistic dental photography, including the glossy effect, chiaroscuro, chromaticity, and texture manipulation. Finally, the author provides fresh insight into the ever-changing world of digital marketing and explains what you need to know to use your photography to reach your patient market on social media.

Contents: Fundamentals of Photography Dental Photography Equipment Portrait Photography Lighting Systems Intraoral Photography The Simple Protocol Artistic Dental Photography Communication with the Dental Laboratory Dental Laboratory Photography Marketing and Social Media

LIT - The Simple Protocol for Dental Photography in the Age of Social Media - Dr. Miguel Ortiz

Photography in Dentistry: Theory and Techniques in Modern Documentation - Drs. Loiacono & Pascoletti
Whether they are used for patient communication, consultation with a laboratory or colleague, diagnosis, clinical or legal records, or scientific presentation or publication, images are a much more powerful means of communication in the field of dentistry than the spoken or written word. However, dental photography is lacking set standards that would allow the continuity and reproducibility essential to clinical and scientific documentation. To address this need, this book presents guidelines for photographic documentation that will enable practitioners to produce images that faithfully convey clinical data. Precise instructions, including the positions of the patient, assistant, and practitioner; camera settings and flash positions; aiming and focal points; and the types and positions of required accessories are detailed in text and images, and an example of the desired final image is provided. This comprehensive text provides clinicians with all the information they need to feel confident in creating effective and compelling dental images.

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Photography in Dentistry: Theory and Techniques in Modern Documentation

SEE - Art Esthetics Dental Photography - Dr. Amanda Seay
"Photography for me is different than some other facets of dentistry. It has a power that is unspoken and transformative. With just a visual image, you can change the mind-set of a patient and elicit emotion from both the subject and the photographer. It is art. It is dynamic. It is simple. It is complex. It is powerful."

Amanda Seay, DDS, FAACD, FAGD

Chapters: My Art, Why Is Photography Necessary In Dentistry?, Dental Photography Equipment,
Accessories, Understanding Exposure, Camera Settings, Clinical Photography, Artistic Shots,
Portrait Photography, Shooting Lab Work, Editing, The Art Of Observation

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SEE - Art Esthetics Dental Photography - Dr. Amanda Seay

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